Why Invest With Us?

Vertical Equity Group partnerships are designed not only to offer investors exposure to cash-flowing properties, but also structured to offer diversified exposure to the asset class of real estate. Unlike direct property ownership, this exposure reduces the risk taken by each individual investor while still providing access to real estate’s earning potential. For these reasons among others, Vertical Equity Group partnerships offer the simplest, most cost-effective way for many investors to add real estate to an investment portfolio.

What makes Vertical Equity Group partnerships unique?

  • No more middlemen: Vertical Equity Group originates and manages its own investments. By streamlining the investment process and performing hands-on work in-house, we have removed layers of middlemen — and their fees — ultimately positioning investors to earn better potential returns at lower costs.
  • Radical transparency: Part of the Vertical Equity Group mission of building the best real estate investment experience includes offering a new level of transparency in the investment industry. The Vertical Equity Group real estate team actively manages each asset acquisition, progression, and completion, resulting in a unique and evolving portfolio. Throughout this progress, from beginning to end, the Vertical Equity Group team provides ongoing and in-depth reporting, so investors have full visibility into their investment portfolio and each asset that comprises it.

Vertical Equity Group gives investors of all sizes the opportunity to diversify into private market real estate using portfolio options to match their personal investment goals.