Vertical Equity Group is a value-added commercial real estate investment firm based in Tampa, Florida. Currently, we own and manage a diverse portfolio comprised of office, retail, residential and other assets.

Vertical Equity Group uses rigorous investment criteria to identify properties with strong potential cash flows and/or capital appreciation. Often, the properties we acquire are financially distressed or mismanaged. By leveraging our deep understanding of the regional market and in-house property management & leasing capabilities, we are often able to achieve returns superior to those of stabilized properties.

The firm offers qualified individuals investment opportunities with preferential returns at stated rates in addition to profit participation. Our investment methodology is designed to minimize risk while creating value through cash flow and capital appreciation. Only investments with anticipated average returns greater than 13%+ are considered.

Our specific focus is to invest in commercial real estate, specifically multifamily apartment buildings, and mobile home parks. This type of real estate has shown strong growth year over year, even in times of recession. By focusing on one property type, we are able to leverage deals, make industry connections, and maintain the potential for high returns for our investors.