Traditional Investing

For centuries, the 1% has used real estate as a wealth creation tool. They focus on investing in high quality, top tier commercial assets. And unless you had a rich uncle with Wall Street connections, regular investors have been excluded from investing in these types of multi-million dollar assets. Until today.

Investor Protections

Every investment decision Vertical Equity Group makes is backed by data, tech, and our team of seasoned real estate professionals. Only properties that meet extensive criteria make it into the fund.

The team determines the best properties based on factors such as population growth, job growth, trends, new construction, market comps, and more

Investors look for a solid track record of past performance to indicate future performance. That’s why you can invest with confidence knowing Vertical Equity Group has a track record of double-digit returns.

 Vertical Equity Group builds wealth by investing in cash-flowing apartment buildings, manufactured housing communities,  and commercial property assets. It is a medium-term fund designed to give investors exposure to private multifamily real estate by offering high potential for appreciation. Our focus is on long-term capital appreciation from the renovation and repositioning of these multifamily properties.

Vertical Equity Group Investment Strategy

The fund strategy for the Vertical Equity Group is a value-add investment strategy designed to accelerate growth over a 3-5-year cycle.

Investment target details 

  • Type: multifamily real estate
  • Size: 20+ units
  • Markets: Hillsborough County and surrounding areas
  • IRR: targeting between 10% and 20% return rate for each property
  • The value-add cycle is approximately 3-5 years.

 5 Stages of the Value-Add Cycle


Capital Raise

  • The fund opens to begin collecting capital to purchase properties.


  • Properties are acquired that meet the strict criteria of our real estate experts and that offer strong potential for increased value at the time of resale.


  • As part of our value-add investing strategy, existing cash-flowing properties are acquired and then renovated to allow for increased rents and property value appreciation.


  • Once the renovations are complete, we allow time for the properties to increase in value.


  • Properties are sold and any profits are distributed to investors.

Build Your Million-Dollar Real Estate Holdings

Invest in million-dollar deals without writing million-dollar checks and avoid broker fees. You get to inspect every project in your portfolio and stay up to date on each project’s progress.

Fund Administration

Vertical Equity Group owns and operates the fund and its assets: this provides direct ownership for investors. The fund is not available on public markets and therefore not correlated with stock fluctuations, adding a layer of protection to the portfolio.